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What is a Taser and the types and operation?

It is time to face reality. You should know the answer to the question  “what is a taser“! The world is no longer a safe place. Law enforcement authorities are available and alert but resting your fate in the hands of these forces may not be a reasonable option. Danger and emergencies occur without any prior notice when you least expect them. Sure, ‘the law of the jungle’ is not the law of the land yet, but people do choose to harm or rob others.

The best contingency plan to counter any dangerous situation is to keep a self-defense weapon handy. When it comes to self-defense weaponry, a variety of options are readily available. One of the most reasonable and effective self-defense weapons is the electric-shock weapon. The electric-shock weaponry entails stun guns and tasers.

Both, the stun gun and taser, utilize a powerful voltage surge to incapacitate its target. Though working on the same mechanism, stun guns and tasers are different from each other. But if one must choose between the two, then taser has the edge over stun gun.


TASER, commonly referred to as taser, is an acronym for Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle. This handheld device delivers a high voltage electric shock to incapacitate a person by firing two small darts. The small darts are connected to the device with thin wires. The darts, though small is powerful enough to penetrate through the clothes of the target and transmit the electric shock. Once impacted, the powerful electric shock disrupts the nervous system of the person, resulting in incapacitation.

Tasers use compressed nitrogen to launch the darts; hence, they are not categorized as a firearm. Their versatility in function stands them out in electric-shock weaponry. Tasers can be used as stun guns also by placing them directly against a person’s body to administer the current.


If you want to electric-shock someone, would you prefer doing it at zero feet or from 15 feet away? The choice is easy and obvious – from up to 15 feet away.

A stun gun is a direct contact weapon while the taser offers an advantage of distance between the shooter and the target. Stun guns are effective when they are held against someone’s body for several seconds. The prongs of the stun gun have to maintain the physical contact to electric-shock the person. Tasers can be shot from a distance to deliver the impact. The prongs of taser are connected to the wires. When shot, the prongs deliver the impact while staying connected with the gun.

Law enforcement authorities usually prefer tasers over stun guns. Stun guns merely incapacitate the attacker, and that too depends on maintaining the physical contact. While tasers, they incapacitate the attacker by disrupting the nervous system. A stun gun stops or subdues the attacker, whereas, a taser makes the attacker incapable of moving.


Law enforcement authorities need robust tools and devices to counter crimes. Tasers are a powerful handheld electric-shock device, but with time and need they have evolved.

1. Taser Pulse

Taser pulse is one of the most widely purchased taser guns. Its high-tech integration and intuitive designing justify its demand. Weighing just 8 ounces, the Pulse is easy-to-carry, easy-to-maintain, and legal-to-carry.

Its Noon-light Mobile Integration stands out from other devices. The Noon-light mobile application keeps your taser connected with your mobile devices as well as with the law enforcement authorities. Upon pressing the trigger of the Taser Pulse, the device sends the user’s location to law enforcement. It delivers a 30-second muscular over-ride even when shot from a 15-foot distance.

2. Taser X2

The X2 is the most advanced and latest taser device.  Rather than a single-shot option, the device offers a 2-shot option for enhanced effectiveness. This taser was developed while keeping a backup shot feature and voluntary surrender in mind. The device features a warning arc that is used to threaten the attacker. The warning arc feature was introduced to increase the number of voluntary surrenders and also to protect life in the field.

Taser X2 eliminates the aiming guesswork with its dual laser feature. Its dual lasers allow the user to exactly know the target points of the top and bottom probes.

This device was designed for incapacitating the attackers completely. Its cross-connect effect administers an increased amount of electricity for a greater level of incapacitation without the need for an additional charge.

3. Taser X26P

Taser X26P is the most compact handheld electric-shock device. The device was designed to deliver convenience in carrying and ease of performance. Similar to the previous taser designs, Taser X2 is a single-shot device without the need for replacing the inventories of cartridges.

When fired, the darts of taser X26P impale the flesh of the target person and delivers an electric shock twice that of any newer smart weapons. Its innovative Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology, taser X26P temporarily disrupts the central nervous system to limit muscular control. The taser works with equal intensity even on the people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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