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What is a Spike Stun Gun?

The unique Spike Stun Gun is another addition to the stun gun family. Safety Technology just recently released their spike stun gun. The gun has two sharp spikes which emit 20-million-volt power that stops an attacker in their tracks. The addition of the spikes coupled with a loud discharging sound is enough to change the mind of an attacker. The spikes can be used as a striking tool causing tremendous pain upon contact with vulnerable points on the body. Vulnerable points include eyes, throat, jaw, head, back of hands and other uncovered areas on the body.

The weapon should not be used on thick layers of clothing. The spike stun gun is rechargeable, and packaging includes a USB charger. This weapon is easily carried on your person. It is only 3.5″x 3″ x 1″. You can provide yourself with a greater sense of security by simply carrying this small but powerful weapon in a purse or pocket. The Spiked Stun Gun should always be carried when walking, jogging or hiking alone.

Always remember that a disabled attacker is your opportunity to leave the area and get help. Law enforcement welcomes the opportunity to apprehend attackers.

Spiked Stun gun Black $21.21

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