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Differences and Benefits of a Stun Gun vs. Taser

When it comes to stun guns and tasers, people confuse one with the other. There are differences and benefits of a stun gun vs. taser. They are two different weapons used for self-defense. Each unit uses an electric current, but the overall operation is different.  These weapons are in the non-lethal self-defense weapon category.  They provide protection from attacks and enough time to flee the danger.

History of the Stun Gun and Taser

The early history of stun guns and tasers dates to the 1960s when law enforcement first began using them.  Initially stun weapons were used as cattle prods and dispersing protesters.

As time passed with the advancement in technology these devices were introduced to the public. They became popular with the police and the general public.

The stun gun was a revolutionary weapon because it was less lethal and could be used to incapacitate criminals. However, when tasers were introduced in the industry, police departments around the world began using these amazing non-lethal weapons.

Jack Cover first developed the taser in mid-1970. As an alternative to deadly weaponry, it was introduced to the law enforcement agencies in 1990. In 2011, thousands of law enforcement personnel were using the taser.  However, as time passed concerns were raised regarding misuse of tasers and stun guns.

The misuse of these weapons caused injuries and even death in some cases. This type of behavior could not be tolerated. To deter misuse rules and regulations regarding the usage of the weapons were implemented throughout the law enforcement community.

Differences Between Stun Gun and Taser

  1. Working Proximity

In the case of tasers, you can defend yourself up to 15 feet from the attacker. Stun guns were made for close contact use. You must be close enough to an attacker to touch their body with the stun gun. The voltage and amperage will do the rest! Due to these facts, most people prefer the taser.

  1. Weight and Size

Stun guns are easier to use than tasers because they are light in weight and smaller in size.

  1. Price

The price of tasers is more expensive than stun guns. So, if you cannot afford a taser the stun gun is a great alternative.

The differences between stun guns and tasers

Benefits of Using Stun Guns and Tasers

  1. The biggest advantage of having the stun gun or taser is that you can carry them with you. Stun Guns come in different forms such as; mobile phones, flashlights or even lipstick containers.
  2. Stun Guns can be used for multiple purposes and more than just defensive weapons. For instance, they come in the form of a flashlight or walking cane, and you can use them for those purposes.

We need to use these weapons responsibly. If we own a non-lethal weapon we must assure that it is only used to threaten or stun the attacker. Always be responsible and do not misuse these weapons. Prepare yourself for the unexpected by researching and acquiring the non-lethal self-defense weapon or weapons necessary to protect you and your immediate family.

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