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Guard Alaska® Bear Spray

Discover Ways To Use Bear Spray for Protection

If you are going into the wild, like the jungle or the local wild forest, you will need protection and tips to protect yourself from any imminent danger.

You should buy yourself a big can of bear spray for protection that will seriously protect you against these beasts’ unfortunate attacks.

Do note that a bear repellent is only to be used against a charging and aggressive dog or a bear. Only use it if you are sure that the animal is going to charge at you.

Here are some tips that you could use for effective protection against dogs and bears:

Keep the repellent easily accessible
Do keep yourself ready in case a bear or a dog comes out of nowhere. Keep the bear spray not in your backpack, but on some part of your body where you feel that you can easily access it.
Buy or make yourself a holster for the spray if you do not have one already because holsters will safely keep the spray attached to your body until you need it, even if you are running or climbing rocks.

Practice, practice, practice
The best way to effectively use a repellent is by practicing the use often. Take the repellent out for safety only if you are confident that it will protect you against danger.

The most effective way to do that is to keep practicing how to handle and use the spray in a safe environment. Yes, it may cost you a couple of extra bucks, but nothing is more expensive than your well-being. You do not want to, unfortunately, end up with a thousand plus dollar medical bill on your credit card just because you weren’t prepared.

Make sure the spray is EPA approved
Before you buy a bear spray, check if it is EPA approved. This can potentially save you from buying a dud. And having a dud in the moments of absolute danger is one of the biggest risks you can take in your life.

Keep the can cool
Make sure that you keep the can someplace where it can stay while you’re driving a car. Different cans have different temperature limits, but an average aerosol can of pepper spray usually explodes around 120 degrees Celsius. Don’t keep the can near a very hot source.

Use the can from 30 feet distance and run away
If you are trying to fight off a charging or a raging bear, don’t wait for the bear to get too close. These cans are designed to work at a medium distance of about 30 feet. You don’t need to aim it directly at the bear’s eyes. Just randomly spray it like a wall towards the bear and run away.

It should work as intended in a few seconds. The can will only stun the bear for a few minutes, so don’t just stare at the bear while it is stunned. Runaway to safety. Start your car and move as far away from the bear as possible.

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