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The Best Non-Lethal Weapons for Women

Non-Lethal weapons for women are plentiful! Activities outdoors are becoming increasingly scary. Whether you are in a parking lot or walking a few blocks to reach home, the chances of an assault are always possible.

In a park or staying at home, personal safety should be the priority, especially when you are a woman. We all have learned and to an extent, religiously followed all the safety rules, but those rules don’t quite apply in the practical world. In today’s world, crime needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

The upsurge of violent crimes prompted the mass production of several self-defense weapons and tactics. In our crammed nine-to-five schedules, practicing self-defense martial arts is a vague possibility. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a self-defense weapon to be used in case of an assault.

While a standard gun seems like a reliable option, there are other non-lethal options easily available. These non-lethal weapons are not just discreet, but they are classy, compact, and come in updated designs.

Who says that weapons are all work and no play? Below we have listed our choices as the best non-lethal weapons for women.


None of us is an expert shooter, and you can’t afford a missed shot during an assault. Unlike guns, knives and daggers seem like smarter options to opt as you can injure the attacker at a closer range than a bullet. The severity of the injury and its placement is completely in your control when you use tactical knives, which give this weapon an edge over guns.

Most importantly, these deadly weapons can be easily hidden as they are smartly concealed as a simple pen or a hairbrush. Clip it or carry it in your handbags, these tactical knives can be carried anywhere.


Part pen and part weapon, tactical pens are deceptively hidden self-defense weapons. These pens work perfectly as a writing instrument. In an assailant’s view, you have nothing more than a ballpoint to defend yourself. It works exactly like a ball pen; it drills a deep hole when pressed forward and rips open when you pull it back. It looks harmless but can be used as a deadly self-defense weapon.


Pepper sprays and maces personify female self-defense weapons. The most widely used pepper spray is the one in the form of a lipstick. These sprays contain irritants which upon coming in contact with the attacker’s eyes, nose, or mouth, can cause severe burning. These sprays are effective but not long-lasting. They can buy you just enough time to escape the situation, so it is best to keep a back-up self-defense weapon too.


Alarms are by far the most non-lethal self-defense weapon. They don’t cause any physical harm but are enough to deter a sticky situation. Alarm sounds can reach up to 130 decibels, which is enough to alert the entire neighborhood.

Technology also stepped up in personalizing alarm systems. There are now mobile apps connected directly to your alarms and are used to notify your loved ones about your trouble.


When in trouble, put a ring on your finger. Defense rings are just as deadly as they look. They come with a serrated edge sharp enough to impale the attacker. The ring boasts a guard to protect your finger but lets the sharp edge to be exposed fully during the attack.


The popularity of stun guns is directly proportional to the soaring crime rate. These are low-cost weapons and work best at a close range. The effect of stun guns stays as long as contact is maintained. The gun releases a powerful electric surge enough to incapacitate your attackers.

Stun guns do not usually look like a gun. They are usually disguised as lipsticks or cellphones and other familiar items. Though they are available readily and easily, its legality is still an issue. Many states have made the use of stun guns difficult, considering the potential misuse of stun guns.


This self-defense weapon is truly inspired by keychains. A long string with a ball of yarn at its end, its harmless appearance is surely deceiving. This harmless looking monkey ball packs quite a punch. It is an inch thick and made up of pure steel, which is enough to land a knock-out blow to your attacker.


Flashlights are by far the most unexpected self-defense weapon. They don’t strike as a deterrent, but these modern flashlights are weaponized with 500 lumens of powerful light. These flashlights are enough to brighten up the entire area while giving you a chance to slip unseen from the situation.


Keychains are adored widely by women; they are an accessory for handbags, purses, and our everyday carry. Given the current societal collapse, keychains are updated to the level of weaponry. These keychains are a product of durable plastic with spikes at its edges and holes provided to fit your fingers.


Last but in fact, the most powerful self-defense weapon. Tasers leave no stones unturned when it comes to neutralizing the assault. Unlike stun guns that only zap the attacker, tasers shut down the nervous system incapacitating the assailant instantly and completely. Tasers also work at a better range than the stun guns. Their small size makes them easy to carry and easy to hide in your handbags.


For any woman who finds herself in a situation where she can be easily overpowered, these self-defense weapons can be life-savers. It is wise to keep yourself armed with these surprisingly harming non-lethal weapons than to risk your safety.  Self-defense weapons give you a physical and tactical advantage over your assailants.

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