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Prepare Yourself Don’t Become a Victim of Crime

Prepare Yourself Don’t Become a Victim of Crime. What are your choices of non-lethal self-defense weapons? Plan ahead so you don’t become a victim of crime. The list is long for weapons that can immobilize an attacker. The appropriate weapon is a matter of choice. Most non-lethal weapons are legal. Check local laws pertaining to restrictions on non-lethal weapon use. NWAM Personal Security provides product restrictions associated with every state.

Preventable crimes are perpetrated against women by cowards! Ownership of easy access non-lethal weapons could prevent many of the attacks.

The following video depicts violent crimes against women. This video is meant to wake us up to the reality of dangers all around us.

Have you ever thought about what actions you would take if you were attacked?

Scenarios are walking to your car, jogging, relaxing in your home, withdrawing funds from an atm machine. Pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared for the unexpected.  You need a weapon that you are comfortable with and easy accessibility. Know the operation and proper use of your weapon. I can’t emphasize enough for you to practice using the weapon of choice. Practice until its use is second nature

What are effective weapons that can be carried in a purse or pocket?

  1. Pepper Spray – comes in large and small containers and can be used up close and at a distance. Store them in pockets or clip to belts.

    Pepper Shot 1.2% MC 1/2 oz Pepper Spray Hard Case Belt Clip And Quick Release Keychain $11.00
  2. Mace Spray – is powerful and causes profuse coughing, tearing and intense burning of the eyes.

    Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger Model Pink $19.99
  3. Stun Guns – produces strong electrical current that can disable an opponent. It is an up and close weapon.

    Stun Master Li’l Guy 12,000,000 volts Red Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster $15.95
  4. Tasers- just the sight of a taser can be a strong deterrent to an attack. Law enforcement uses tasers to bring down criminals.

    Taser Pulse Plus with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges $449.99
  5. Stun knife- stuns with an electric current and used as a knife.

    Stun Knife $29.95
  6. Pepper Gel – is like glue. It sticks to an attacker when sprayed and produces a tremendous burning sensation. The pain can last 30-45 minutes.
Wildfire 1.4% MC 9 oz Sticky Pepper Gel Pistol Grip $59.95

All of the non-lethal self-defense weapons displayed above and many more can be found at NWAM Personal Security.

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