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Your Personal Security Products

The NWAM Personal Security products website contains products for personal protection and survival. The product categories are stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, mace, survival gear, surveillance, and home protection. The products are of high quality. The assortment will surprise you.

Personal protection is a right as a citizen of this great country. Unscrupulous individuals will injure and rob you. Prepare for unexpected events perpretrated against you.

Products suited for a person’s size or stature are available. Mace or pepper spray is ideal for a person small in stature.   A compact lipstick pepper spray can be stored in a purse.

A smaller person could also use a small mace spray. Also suited for a person larger in stature. Up and close weapons are available. A  small stun gun is ideal for that purpose.

Individual safety includes products in the Personal Safety, Home Protection and Surveillance categories.

Personal Safety includes personal safety lights, animal repellents to security scanners.

Home Protection includes door and window alarms, motion-activated alarms and diversion safes.

The Surveillance category contains hidden and dummy cameras, audio recorders, and all-and-one-cameras. The all-and-one-camera is multifunctional. Picture taking. video recording and audio are all accomplished. Check the website for the safety needs of all!

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