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Pepper Spray Used as a Deterrent to Personal Attacks

Every citizen has the right to defend themselves. Some prefer not to use lethal weapons. We provide products that are an awesome alternative to lethal weapons. We stock the following categories of non-lethal-self-defense weapons and other useful products: Stun Guns, Knives, Pepper Spray, Mace, Survival Gear, Personal Safety, Home Protection, and Surveillance.

There is danger all around us. Preparation is the key to self-defense and survival. One of the most popular deterrents against physical attacks is pepper spray. The smaller size is a great advantage, such as the common “keychain” type canisters. Pepper spray automatically slams the eyes shut, allowing a quick departure! The spray can be used against any threat, unlike firearms which require justification for use of deadly force. The contents of pepper spray are usually effective against attackers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pepper spray canisters contain several shots in case you miss the target. You can take follow-up shots while defending yourself.

If you’re a woman walking alone,  elderly person or live in a crime-ridden community, pepper sprays are handy to have around. It is good to have pepper spray cans if you have night-time commutes. Many of the pepper sprays manufactured today are infused with UV identifying dye. The dye is an invisible marking dye that can assist authorities in the attacker identification process.

Pepper sprays are normally inexpensive, and they are easy to use. Anyone who has used aerosols at some time in their life should easily adapt to the use of pepper sprays. Pepper Sprays can be carried in a purse, pocket or jacket. They are manufactured in different sizes and strengths. You can enjoy morning strolls, night-time jogging or unsafe commutes knowing your pepper spray is handy. You can confidently deal with unexpected emergencies and violent attacks. The attacks could be on you, family members or friends. “Always be prepared”!

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