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Disable Attackers With a Stun Bat or Knife

In this age that we live in, there are many people on the streets seeking to take what you have or injure you. These individuals will rob or injure you in a heartbeat. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself and your family members with the ability to deter attacks. There is a multitude of weapons in the non-lethal self-defense category that can stop an attack. The stun bat or knife use is great self-defense weapons

I would like to focus on 2 great weapons when used properly will knock an attacked on their rear! The stun bat is a powerful striking weapon with power arcing blasts of electricity. It can immediately disable an attacker and make them think twice about repeating the offense. The stun baton has multiple uses. It comes with a bright led flashlight. These bats are made of super-hard metals like aircraft aluminum and can be used as a club, if necessary.

The second weapon is the stun knife. The stun knife is a combination of a knife and a stun gun. This weapon is high voltage wrapped in the blade of the knife. The appearance alone could deter an attack. If an attacker tried to grab the blade of the knife a powerful shock would disable them. The Stun Knife includes a charging cord to recharge the stun gun and flashlight. The flashlight has a strong blinding beam of light. The modes of operation are high, low, and strobe. The stun knife emits a strong visual surge of electricity that can cause a criminal to think twice about attacking.

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