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How to Use a Stun Gun When You Are in Danger

In this modern age of technology and constant surveillance, it has become even more difficult for dangerous people to avoid capture. However, there are still dangerous people out there willing to take the risk of getting caught and still try to hurt you. If you are traveling alone, or through a street that is dangerous, carry a stun gun.

What is a stun gun?
A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon that is specifically designed to take down a person without causing permanent damage. A stun gun is usually loaded with enough electricity that can take down a normal healthy man in a few seconds.

The purpose of a stun gun is basically to make sure that a person who is charging at you or trying to get into your private space without your consent gets stopped in their tracks and doesn’t try anything funny.

Police use stun guns to subdue dangerous suspects without the need for physical force or lethal weapons. Another alternative to stun guns is the electricity-powered baton that does the same thing, but with a baton.

How to use the stun gun
If you have finally decided to buy yourself a stun gun, you have made an excellent choice to protect yourself from danger. Here are some things you should know if you want to learn how to use the stun gun:

Familiarize yourself with the gun
When you are in danger, your body will automatically react to perform certain reactions it may have practiced beforehand. Get yourself familiarized with the stun gun and you will find it much easier to use the gun when the need arises.

Turn the safety switch off when not needed
All weapons in the United States and other parts of the world come with a safety switch. While the safety switch is on, the weapon won’t turn on/fire off. This is done to prevent accidental fires.
When you’re moving through a dangerous district, or if you feel like something is wrong, be sure to carefully turn the safety switch off. You will find it much faster to switch the stun gun on when needed.

Aim properly
The stun gun only works when you hit the target directly. If they are wearing a protective jacket or something thick, the stun gun won’t work if you use it on that clothing/piece of armor. Learn to hit the neck or the shoulders, or any exposed part of the person’s body.
The best way to learn is to practice with a dummy, or with someone without taking the safety switch off.

Periodically charge the stun gun
A good practice is to charge and discharge the stun gun once every 2 weeks. Even if you don’t need it, the stun gun should always be in top-notch condition. You don’t want the risk of the gun not working, right?

If you can learn these suggestions, you will know how to use a stun gun in time of emergency. After successfully taking down the target, it’s a good practice to run away and call the police.

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