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How to Break Auto Glass in Case of an Emergency?

 How to break auto glass emergencies can come knocking on your door without any notice and will give you only split seconds of decision making. Whether driving on highways or on narrow streets, one wrong turn can cost you your life. Just like you prepare for an assault that can occur on dark streets, it is wise to prepare for road accidents as well.

Like crime rates, car accidents have also rapidly increased and resulted in hundreds of deaths annually. To keep yourself and your loved ones off this list of unfortunate deaths, it is better to be always be prepared.

When it comes to rescuing yourself from a car in an accident, the first thing that comes to mind is breaking the auto glass.  This is the safest, easiest and logical thing to do in such cases.

Below, we have discussed in detail what to do in case of this type of an emergency, without harming yourself. If you want to know how to break auto glass in case of an emergency, continue reading!

In an emergency, human beings become more instinctive. Depending on our instincts, we try to make use of anything near us to try to escape from that situation. In any car-related emergency, you will find yourself looking for sharp objects to break the auto glass. Unless you have something sharp and resourceful in your dashboard or glove box, vehicles do not have parts that are helpful in such cases.

One thing that is often overlooked is the headrest. Headrests don’t appear sharp, but they are pointed. Once you have managed to separate the headrest from the seat, jam its pegs into the area where your window retracts. Move the headrest between the glass and door panel and exert more pressure. Take the headrest as far down as possible and pull it towards you. If done properly, the glass will crack with a loud snap, and fall away from your car’s door.

In some cases of emergency, you save yourself while in others you want to save someone else who is stuck inside the car. Spark plugs are the most convenient tool to be used in later cases.

Spark plugs are small, but they are quite effective. Spark plugs are located under the hood of your car enclosed in porcelain covering. Knock the porcelain a few times on the ground till it breaks. Once the porcelain is removed, a pointed part is revealed. Rather than hammering that pointed part into the window, throw it into the center of the auto glass. Once hit by the spark plug, the glass will shatter in larger and less-sharp pieces.

Most humans panic in an emergency and fail to respond in that situation logically. If you cannot figure out how to use the headrest to rescue yourself, then any heavy and sharp object will suffice.

The window glasses are made resistant to blunt forces. However, these glasses can easily shatter once impacted with a sharp object. The glass will stay intact if you keep banging on it. However, with sharp metal or stone, it can be broken open. Sharp objects create small holes and cracks by concentrating impact on a tiny area of a window. This method is usually utilized when you want to rescue someone stuck inside the car.

Most of us don’t prepare beforehand for an emergency situation while some keep an emergency hammer to be used in such situations.  A hammer is the perfect example of something heavy and sharp. Breaking the glass becomes relatively easy with a hammer. If you opt for a hammer to shatter the glass, then you should target the edges of the glass rather than the center of the glass.

Car manufacturers assume that in a collision, the center of the auto-glass is the most vulnerable point. Therefore, they reinforce the center of the windshield. The area around the center is weaker than the center and is likely to crack or chip. You can start from the edges and gradually move towards the center where the entire glass will shatter.

Special tools are designed to contain the rising causality rate caused by car accidents. With a variety of options available in the market, small and easy-to-carry tools are the best available options.
If you don’t prefer keeping any sharp or heavy objects in your dashboard, it is better to purchase a glass breaker tool that offers two-in-one functionality like the Tactical Silver Pull Cap Glass Breaker.

Tactical Silver Pull Cap Glass Breaker $10.16

This tactical pen works like a pen as well as a glass breaker. The pen offers an easy grip for better writing and maintaining the aim while breaking the auto-glass. The tip of the pen is strong enough to break the glass and help in your escape. The pocket clip makes the pen accessible and allows you to draw it quickly.

If your vehicle is ever propelled in the water there are certain things that you should do. Click on the link at the end of this article to read about an incident that took place in 2013.

A young lady found herself plummeting about 27 feet off the edge of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into the water below. The 22year-old student managed a feat that pilots and military personnel take hours of specialized training to perfect: She escaped from her sinking car, swam to safety and survived. A glass breaking tool would be handy in a similar situation as this. Read the story and imagine yourself in that predicament!

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