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Pepper Spray is a Deterrent to Attacks

There is danger all around us. Preparation is the key to self-defense and survival. Pepper spray is a deterrent to attacks. The smaller size is a great advantage, such as the common “keychain” type canisters. Pepper spray automatically slams the eyes shut, allowing a quick departure! The spray can be used against any threat, unlike firearms which require justification for use of deadly force. The contents of Pepper spray are usually effective against attackers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pepper spray canisters contain several shots in case you miss the target. You can take follow-up shots while defending yourself.

Pepper spray won’t necessarily stop every attacker. Use the spray by aiming at the eyes and depart the area as soon as possible. Your safety is number one. Contact law enforcement to report any incidents where you were forced to use pepper spray to defend yourself. It is also a good idea to practice using the spray before its use is necessary. It would also be a great idea to have a backup weapon such as a stun gun. There are many stun guns on the market that pack a powerful punch. The average man will be stopped when that stun guns electric shock courses through the body. The main thing is to always be prepared

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