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Bouncer Stun Gun

Discover the Solution If You Have Anxiety Walking in Public

Do you have anxiety walking public

Do you have anxiety walking in public because you feel unprotected? You need to do some simple things to decrease the fear of being
accosted or attacked. If non-lethal is your preference, the first thing you need to do is to purchase the self-defense weapons needed to stop or immobilize an attacker. Prepare yourself by choosing the means of defending yourself. There are numerous weapons that will suit your needs. Choose the ones that you are most comfortable with. 

There are also countless videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to use these weapons. The recommendation is to always be proficient in whatever weapon or weapons you decide to use. Your confidence will increase, and decrease your anxiety walking in public. There is a list of possible weapons that could suit your security needs at end of this article.

 Let’s look at other variables that affect your security on the street.

Plan the Route.

Always take into consideration the route that you will be walking. Make sure the streets are well lit and remain alert to your surroundings.  This is of the utmost importance at all times of the day, but especially at night. If you feel like something is not right, take precautions. Watch for cars, animal’s, and the locations of other people in your immediate area.

Bring Your Cellphone.

 Do not forget to bring your cellphone. Today there is no reason to be on the streets at night without the ability to communicate if assistance is needed. A cell phone can be tucked into your pocket and accessed if needed. 

Walk With Another Person If Possible.
It is not only comforting having another person walking with you, but numbers deter attacks.
Do not be Flashy.

Wearing flashy jewelry is an invitation to robbers. Leave your jewelry at home or covered.

Carry a Flashlight.

Always have a flashlight handy. Many stun gun weapons include a flashlight.  Having a flashlight helps you see others and for them to see you.

Carry a Whistle.

Pepper spray or other protective items will allow you to defend yourself against an attack. The sound of a whistle may get the attention of others concerning your situation if you are injured or being followed. The sound of the whistle can also temporarily stop an attacker while you run away to get help.

Below is a list of non-lethal self-defense-weapons that can provide you with the protection that you need. Choose the weapons that you are most comfortable with to build you confidence. Click on the image for more information on the item.


This pepper spray dispenser is small and inconspicuous. When sprayed in the eyes/nose are pepper spray swells the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins
in the eyes, causing the eyes to close.


Pepper Gel is hot when sprayed and sticks to the face. It can be
sprayed from a distance and it sticks like glue.


MACE brand PEPPER GUARD spray is a strong  formula  equal to police-grade OC pepper that causes the eyes to slam shut, causing uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a hot painful burning sensation. 


A stun gun emits and electric shock. When the gun contacts an
attacker’s body, the shock can immobilize them. It is a close contact weapon.


The taser is another weapon that is used from a distance. Law
enforcement has this tool as a top-of-the-line use weapon in their arsenal.


Cane stun guns are perfect for the elderly. They not only
contribute to the balance of the individual but can also be used as a stun gun for protection.


The stun knife is a stun gun disguised as a knife. The blade can
be used in your defense.


A great camouflaged weapon is the cellphone stun gun. No one
thinks twice about a cellphone in your hand. That is why it is so effective in thwarting close-up attacks. They never see it coming and the shock is strong enough to knock an attacker to their knees.



The lipstick stun gun is small, easy to carry and camouflaged. They

will never expect this weapon to have the stopping power that it has.


The Bouncer Stun Gun has the dual purpose of a  stun gun and flashlight wrapped into one.

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