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girl spraying assailant

Compare Pepper Sprays and Stun Guns

Compare Pepper Sprays and Stun Guns as to which one is the best weapon. The following is a comparison of pepper sprays or stun guns using information that people would consider before making a purchase. Cost- Pepper Sprays are less expensive, but require refills or replacement. Some Stun Guns need new batteries occasionally, but most …

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women's self-defense against men

Women’s Self-Defense Against Men

When looking at the increasing numbers of reports about violence against women, it is clear that women’s self-defense against men is important. There are many products and techniques designed for women’s self-defense against men. Mace guns, judo, and assertiveness training are a few. Unfortunately, these things are becoming increasingly necessary, and it is essential to …

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PepperBall Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon

Amazing PepperBall Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

Introducing PepperBall Non-Lethal Self-Defense. Lite is putting protection back into the hands of everyday people. Through its unique, user-friendly design, LifeLite transforms personal security with an empowering solution that anyone can use. A pepper-spray projectile, also called a pepper-spray ball, pepper-ball, pepper bomb, or pepper-spray pellet is a frangible projectile containing a powdered chemical that …

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girl looking at purse with a bad guy behind her

Plan Your Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense

It seems like violent crime is everywhere these days. From the local nightly news to the front page of the morning paper, we are constantly reminded that we live in a dangerous and unpredictable world. Plan your best non-lethal self-defense before an attack occurs. Crime statistics confirm these reports according to the FBI 1-2 million violent crimes …

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