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Cellphone stun gun rechargeable in hand view

Best Self Defense Weapon Besides a Gun

There are many reasons why a person does not want to purchase and carry a gun. A great alternative to carrying a gun is to purchase a cellphone stun gun that will be discussed below. As far as being inconspicuous, it is in the category of “Best Self-Defense Weapon Besides a Gun”.

First of all, let’s look at the reasons why people don’t want a gun:

1. You need to apply and pay for a permit to carry a gun. It takes time to apply for the gun, provides fingerprints for the background investigation, and wait for the approval of your application.

2. Just being around guns makes you nervous. When you’re around guns they cause you uneasiness and nervousness on the inside. Being nervous when using a gun can cause unplanned lethal accidents.

3. It takes time to become proficient in the use of a gun. A responsible gun owner will spend time at the firing range learning to use the weapon.

4. You may have a fear of killing another person. You just don’t want to accidentally or purposely kill anyone.

5. Religious beliefs preclude you from killing someone. Your religion is against owning a deadly weapon for any purpose.

6. You have a fear of owning a weapon at home because you have children. Your fear is that your children might get access to your gun which could cause a bloody, and deadly outcome.

7. Purchasing a gun and the ammo is expensive. Your budget precludes you from owning guns and ammo due to budget constraints.

8. The bullet that travels through the gun barrel was created to kill something (person or animal). Yes, created to spill the blood of a living being or creature.

Now, let’s take a look at the cellphone stun gun and the attributes which make it the ideal non-lethal self-defense weapon.

A cellphone stun gun is a perfect and ideal non-lethal self-defense weapon to own. Non-Lethal self-defense weapons are available specifically to prevent killing and to protect you from bodily harm. In this day and age, everyone has a cellphone. No one looks twice at someone having and using these phones. That is a great reason for owning a non-lethal weapon that looks like a cellphone. Think about the shock on an attacker’s face when they are knocked of their feet by a cellphone.

Safety Technology sells a 14 million volt Cellphone Stun Gun that is perfect as a camouflaged weapon. It easily hides the 14 million volts of stopping power and looks exactly like popular phones sold on the market. The Safety Technology cellphone provides you with 4.9 milliamps of electrifying power that will knock an attacker off their feet. This is the cellphone stun gun that can give you confidence and faith that you can protect yourself. Reach for your protection with confidence knowing it can do the job! 

During potentially dangerous encounters if this stun gun is in your hand no one will even notice it. The stun gun also features an 80 Lumen LED flashlight and measures 5 ½” x 2 ¾” with a thickness of just a half of an inch, only close inspection will reveal the stunning nature of this powerful stun gun.  Click on the image below for more information on the cellphone stun gun and more on the NWAM Personal Security website.

Cellphone stun gun rechargeable in hand view

Cellphone Stun Gun

An awesome alternative to owning a lethal weapon! It is non-lethal, but will immobilize an attacker!

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