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The Coolest MACE Spray Products

Are you looking for powerful, effective, and non-lethal self-defense weapons? View Page for a huge assortment of the coolest MACE spray products. The use of MACE products reaches out and defuses danger before it gets to you? How about outstanding point-and-shoot accuracy. The Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray delivers both. When threatened in dark conditions, engage the trigger and activate the dual mode LED. This penetrating light helps you point to aim and it distracts the attacker. Engage it again and the LED becomes a powerful and disorienting strobe. If that doesn’t stop them in their tracks, pull the trigger and the advanced delivery system shoots a solid stream of OC pepper out to 20 feet. The Mace Gun features a safety switch and high-impact ABS construction for years of reusability. It Includes one OC pepper cartridge that delivers up to seven bursts and one practice water cartridge. Mace Brand personal safety and security products prepare you to protect yourself when it counts. When you know you’re ready, you can walk through the world with greater confidence. That’s an important advantage. It’s smart to take steps to feel more safe, secure and ready for what lies ahead.


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