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PepperBall LifeLite Mobile Starting Kit

The PepperBall® LifeLite2 Mobile Starting Kit Safety Technology’s newest product and combines a flashlight with a much smaller and compact launcher to offer covert protection in plain sight. It is designed to launch non-lethal PepperBall projectiles from as far as 60 feet away, the built-in laser guide helps the user find and hit the target with ease, and a safety switch ensures that LifeLite2 won’t fire until you want it to.

The standard PepperBall projectile is a Live round. This specific projectile consists of 0.5 percent PAVA powder which is an incapacitant ingredient commonly used in pepper spray. Each round contains a powerful concentration of PAVA powder equal to 10 regular PepperBall live rounds.

There are 5 Live SD PepperBall Projectiles, 10 Inert Practice Projectiles, 3 CO2 Cartridges, 3 AAA Batteries, and a Lanyard.

Checkout the NWAM Personal Security link website for more information on the LifeLite Mobile Starting Kit. The site also contains pepper sprays, mace spray, a large selection of stun guns, and many more unique products.

Check the link in the description below this video for additional information on the PepperBall LifeLite Mobile Starting Kit.


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