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4 Best Non-Lethal Sdelf-Defense Weapons Everyday Carry

The world over the years has dangerously descended into a societal collapse; news of muggings, terror attacks, and robberies have become everyday occurrences that do not phase us anymore but have indeed rooted the fear of being a victim of one such incident.

Without a doubt, our police and protection services are efficient, but sometimes the situation must be controlled by you. The growing crime rate has made self-defense a priority. Always call 911 but be prepared for emergencies before the 911-team arrives, and in such situations, you need to be armed for your protection.

Nine-to-five routines and crammed budgets hamper most people from learning self-defense or martial arts. An effective and efficient way of protecting yourself is carrying weapons every day. These weapons are non-lethal and legal to use if you find yourself in a situation where harm is imminent and self-defense is necessary. Their non-lethal category doesn’t qualify them as toys or disqualify legal ramifications.

There are several non-lethal weapons in the market but let’s have a rundown of the 4 Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons for Your Every day Carry.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-carry, defense sprays are by far the effective and least harmful way of self-defense. There are a couple of sprays available in the market for self-protection purposes including mace and pepper spray. Their instant effectiveness has made them a necessity in every women’s handbag. Mace and pepper sprays are often confused as the same product, but these two are quite different.

Essentially mace is a type of tear-gas. It has the same effect as that of a tear-gas. When mace is sprayed on the attacker, it burns the eyes, shuts the nose and mouth, and breathing becomes painful and difficult. Despite its severe effect, mace has little to zero effect on people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are most likely to inflict harm or incite violently, mace’s incapacitation to disable such people made it an inadequate self-defense mechanism.

Pepper spray, also known as OC spray, contains an active ingredient oleoresin capsicum that affects the mucous membranes of the body upon contact. Pepper spray can be a hit or miss in terms of efficiency. For maximum impact, pepper spray needs to come in contact with the mucous membrane, i.e. it needs to be aimed at the eyes, nose or mouth of the attacker. If done right, the effect begins shortly, 10-15 seconds and can last for a couple of hours buying you enough time to neutralize the attack or even escape from that scene.

However, the effect of pepper spray is a subjective experience. Assailants under the influence of drugs won’t experience the effect of pepper spray in a timely fashion, so it is best to have a more reliable back up to pepper sprays.

Pepper spray and mace are surely not 100% effective, but they form the bedrock of self-defense in modern society due to their mass availability, non-lethal mechanism and ease of use.

Hand-held weapons are useful for a more severe physical impact on the attacker. These deceptively small-sized weapons can inflict significant harm to the attacker if they are used properly.

Kubotans, tactical pens are familiar terms for all the preppers. Kubotans are inconspicuous and sharpened rod-like self-defense objects and are also easily carried on a keychain. Along with being a writing implement, tactical pens are an effective self-defense weapon if used properly when needed. Kubotans and tactical pens work effectively in crowded areas, alleyways and close quarters.

Stun weapons take non-lethal weaponry up a notch. The attacker won’t only be incapacitated but will also be left at your mercy. Unlike pepper sprays and kubotans, stun guns are difficult to get your hands on. Stun weapons use a powerful electric surge to disable the attacker and are significantly helpful in a situation with more than one assailant involved. Stun weapons are available as stun guns, tasers, and stun batons.

Stun guns are the size of a flashlight and can be easily concealed in a handbag. Similarly, stun lipstick and flashlights though much smaller in size, pack a punch. Stun batons are tougher to carry around and difficult to conceal as they can be up to 18 inches long. All these devices work on an electric surge mechanism; they release a large amount of electricity from two electrodes.

Often used interchangeably with stun guns, tasers are quite different from them. Stun guns only zap the person, but tasers disrupt the neuromuscular pathway. This computer-controlled device has two electrodes each of which is attached to a wire. The Taser is fired like a gun, and for its effect, the electrodes must hit the target, the skin of the assailant. Upon contact, tasers create a disconnect between the brain signals and the muscles of the body, resulting in an inability to move.

It is survival of the fittest, and our safety is in our hands. It is reasonable to keep yourself armed with these self-defense weapons, but they require care and caution. These 4 Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons for Your Everyday Carry seem easy-to-use, but without proper training, these weapons will be of no use to you.

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