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Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case – Black

How to Use Mace for Self Defense

If you are looking to protect yourself from any potential danger, you have come to the right place. We are going to teach you how you can use Mace to protect yourself from danger, and ultimately keep yourself safe.
Before you know how to wield this non-lethal self-defense weapon, here is some information about Mace:

What is Mace?

Mace is one of the most trusted brands of pepper spray in the market today. This brand has been developing pepper sprays for over 30 years, and have a lot of experience keeping the world a safer place for people to live in.
Pepper spray is usually an aerosol spray that contains pepper oil that causes extreme irritation and the effect of burning in the eyes. The spray is an effective nonlethal weapon at close range. A pepper spray can be used multiple times before it eventually dies out, just like a perfume.

Here are some tips to help you use Mace properly and effectively:

Spray it directly into the eyes

The best and most effective way of using Mace is to spray it directly into the advancer’s eyes. The eyes are the most prone part of the human body, and they are weak. By spraying the pepper spray directly into the creep’s eyes, you should be able to deal with a long-time stun effect on that person.

The longer that person is stunned, the more you’ll get time to escape and call the police for extra protection.

To ensure that the pepper spray goes directly into the eyes, wait for an opening before attacking. A surprise attack will always work better than normally throwing off the mist towards that person.

Mace is available in different shapes and sizes and has a variety of different nozzles for spraying pepper onto the other person.

Be sure to check and test your Mace spray can a little before using it as a self-defense weapon.

During the times of danger, you will feel yourself panicking. During this panicked state, your body will react on its own. If you have practiced using the can of pepper beforehand, you will find yourself reaching for Mace instead of trying something dumb.

Keep one in your purse/pocket

There are small sizes of Mace available on the market. You can probably find one small enough to fit inside your pants pockets. If not, you can always put one in your purse.

The person will get more surprised when you draw a pepper spray “out of nowhere” instead of having one in your hand which that person has already seen it.

Keep yourself aware always

The best thing to keep yourself away from any potential dangers is to do research and never go alone in a dark alley or during the night. If it is an absolute necessity, you should research the route from your current location to that place and look for any alternate paths as well as the police station and any safe areas. Sometimes the best way to get rid of a stalker is to visit the police station.

And now you know how to use the Mace to protect yourself from any potential danger.

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